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Bed and Breakfast Het Melkmeisje, B&B, Bed and breakfast - Geesbrug - DrentheGeesbrug is a village in the municipality of Coevorden, near Hoogeveen Drenthe.

The travel time by car to the city centres of Hoogeveen as Coevorden is less of a quarter of an hour.

In Drenthe is a lot to see and do. More information can be found on the dutch pages:

Dorpen en Steden

Guest room the milkmaid is a small Bed & Breakfast (B & B) in South-East Drenthe. The B & B is for up to 3 people. The guest room has its own toilet, bathroom and entrance. Friends of "friends on bikes" are welcome in this "room with breakfast".
Gastenkamer Het Melkmeisje
Ruud en Marieke Hobo
Kanaalweg 18
7917TB Geesbrug
Drenthe - Nederland
tel: 06 464 88 255

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